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January 3rd, 2015, 6:11 pm


posting from now on

Hey everyone!

After my brief foray into updating only once weekly instead of twice weekly that turned into... a month and a bit... I am actually now going to switch to that method permanently and try and not go on hiatus between issues anymore as a trade off. It's worked out really well for me this way, and I know it will be much more practical for me while I'm working on my thesis film and finishing off my degree these next four months. It's part of a resolution of mine to do a better job of maintaining social media for the comic and promoting it to try and find a wider audience, and the fact is, I really just need more time to do a really good job of curating this comic as well as making my thesis film and staying on top of everything else in my life.

So, Moth will now update on Saturdays.

Thanks so much for sticking with this comic, and I look forward to sharing this next issue with you!

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