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December 19th, 2012, 12:18 pm


January 16!

Moth will begin posting on Wednesday, January 16! After that point the comic will update on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week.

I want to have the first issue almost entirely done before I post anything so that I will be able to guarantee high quality weekly updates. Moth will be released in 40 - 45 page issues. You can expect that there will be a hiatus between issues while I work on the upcoming book, because I never want to compromise the quality of the work. I think it's generally better to have more than one update per week, but to have breaks between issues, rather than only a few pages a month. I like to think of it as a show. Each issue is like an episode, each volume (for moth 12 issues) is a season, if I ever get that far. The issues have self contained stories, but they also all work towards developing the whole story.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you like it when a comic has more updates per week, and develops the plot more quickly, even if it means that there is a break of a few months between issues? Or would you rather less updates, like one a week, or even less, if it meant the comic was consistently updating?

I personally like comics that update more because I lose interest in comics that are too slow to update.

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