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February 11th, 2013, 10:30 pm


New post on Blog

I've just updated Moth's tumblr with a nice angsty little posts about character design. Here's a first bit:

"So 8 pages of the comic are up, and the story is starting to pick up pace. Looking back at the way I’ve designed some of the characters, I’m struck by a few things…

Emily (the server) and Taylor both look - well, really really skinny. It depends on the panel, but in some places Emily in particular looks really emaciated, and you can really tell from the prologue, where Taylor is pretty exposed, that she’s all limbs. They are both extreme exaggerations, caricatures, of real body types, as all the characters are, and Taylor’s shape has always been a part of her design (she’s very fragile physically and emotionally, and she’s been on the run for months with no money). But seeing them next to each other I can’t help but wonder at my choice to draw both of them - the characters the audience is meant to sympathize with - that way."

Read the rest here -

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February 15th, 2013, 12:21 pm

ColdWater (Guest)

>"What do y’all think? I am racist or paranoid? Let me know!"

I think you're normal and just finally recognizing, through real experience rather than airy sloganeering, the reality behind a lifetime of conditioning promoted by self-interested, politically correct scammers and political groups who've made career$ out cashing in on victimization.

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